Green roof at the Law School, University of Buenos Aires

Design and building of a extensive green roof project.

Client: Law School, University of Buenos Aires.

With a surface of 400 m2., it is the biggest green roof instaled in a public building and the first one developed by the University of Buenos Aires.

Vista de cubierta verde desde nivel superiorVista de la cubiertaDetalle sector sedumsPlugs Sedums antes de plantación

Technical Advice for Social Housing Projects

Upgrading the thermal performance of a rural building to save energy. Mariapolis Lia Building, Province of Buenos Aires.

Client: Focolares Movement, 2013.

Analysis of the economic impact and costs of improving the thermal performance of one of their houses. Improvements include more insulation for ceilings, walls and windows, and solar thermal collectors for hot water.





Use of vegetation for bioclimatic design of outdoor spaces in low income houses. Luján, Prov. of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

For Habitat for Humanity Argentina. Cooperation Project “Trees for Land”, 2007.

Practical biclimatic design proposals to facilitate the use of outdoor and semi-exterior spaces for different activities such as playing, resting or working in a wet humid temperate climate.

Espacio arbolado

Bioclimatic design recommendations for social housing

Client: Hábitat for Humanity Argentina, 2003.

Low cost ideas to improve comfort conditions and the environmental performance of social houses built with prefab panels in Recreo City, Santa Fe Province, Argentina.

Cliente: Habitat Para la Humanidad - SantaFé

“Land Project”: Bioclimatic social housing in Buenos Aires

Client: Hábitat for Humanity Argentina

With Arch. Lavarello, Ortiz and Viegas. 2004.

Low cost flexible housing project, allowing detached and attached units, selfconstruction and mutual help including sustainability and self construction guidelines.

Como estimar las sombras proyectadas por una vivienda el día 15 de Julio (invierno) ubicada aproximadamente a 34 grados de Latitud SurFotos de las casas

Renovation of a conventillo building in La Boca with sustainable design criteria, Buenos Aires City.

Holcim Competition 2006, Latinamerica.

Reuse of old, obsolete buildings for social housing in degraded areas of the city. The design is based on an adaptable low cost sustainable module including strategies for solar gain and solar protection, rain water recovery and natural ventilation of indoor spaces.

ESTUDIO DE SOL - veranoBoca - cortes Sol

Bioclimatic houses in Guadalupe, Arizona

Arizona State University and Guadalupe City Council Agreement, 1998.

With Arch. A. Raychoudhury, S. Gúndala and C. Licón.

Bioclimatic houses for low income sectors in urban areas around Phoenix, Arizona. USA.

Detalle de sombras Guadalupe AZ

Sustainable housing project for low income population, Porto Alegre, Brasil.

2nd Prize Associação Nacional de Tecnologia do Ambiente Construído (ANTAC)and Passive and Low Energy Architecture (PLEA) Competition, 1995.
With Arch Francisco Ortiz , John M. Evans, Silvia de Schiller, Analía Fernández, Susana Eguía, and Eng. Susana Mazzoli.

30 bioclimatic houses for a very low income community in a suburban area around Porto Alegre. The proposal includes outdoor spaces for social activities, leisure and work, spaces for grey water treatment, garbage separation, etc.

Porto Alegre Detalle Vista Porto Alegre

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Consulting for Comercial, Cultural and Recreational Buildings

Sustainable strategies for a residential building in Buenos Aires

BTA building constructors (Barbot, tasat y asoc.) Real state investors Nodos, 2015.

As a result of this consultancy, the building included improved thermal insulation in walls, roofs and windows; energy and water saving systems, irrigation from air conditioning water condensation, extensive green roofs and other design strategies.

Solar energy ideas for International competition: New addition to the Modern Art Gallery, Rome Italy.

Arch. Clorindo testa and Juan Fontana, 2000.

Technical advice to include photovoltaic panels on roof tops and for the improvement of natural lighting conditions.

Conjunto Cubierta

Bioclimatic design ideas for the Centre for Competitivity and Sustainable Development (INCAE). La Garita de Alajuela, Costa Rica.

Arch. Eduardo Chamorro, 1997.

Design recommendations to improve the bioclimatic quality of the building, located at the Central America Institute of Administration. Supervised by Regents Prof. Jeffrey Cook, Arizona State University, USA.

Obra Chamorro CostaRica Datos climaticos Costa Rica

Solar studies for the renovation proyect of Boca Juniors Stadium, Buenos Aires City, Argentina.

VASA (Vidrierías Argentinas) and Arch. Lopatín, for Habitat and Energy Research Centre, directed by Arch. Evans and de Schiller School of Architecture, University of Buenos Aires, 1996.
With Arch. Claudio Delbene.

Sun access studies and solar reflections for the new VIP seating area at the Stadium. The impact of new glassed areas facing west was evaluated to avoid visibility problems on the field.

Asoleamiento Boca Jrs. sol Octubre - planta Fachada Oeste Suroeste 305grad

Solar studies for the new Shopping Alto Avellaneda, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

VASA (Vidrierías Argentinas) for Habitat and Energy Research Centre, directed by Arch. Evans and de Schiller School of Architecture, University of Buenos Aires, 1994
With Arch. Analía Fernández and Claudio. Delbene

The shopping center includes a Wide amount of glass roofing on top of circulation areas. The study analyses the characteristics and consequences of direct solar radiation on visual and thermal comfort.

Shopping Avellaneda - Planta Shopping Avellaneda - Corte

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Consulting for Urban Projects and Planning

Environmental design proposals for the waterfront of Puerto Madryn, Chubut Province (Patagonia), Argentina.

Archs. M. Corti, J. Fontana y O. Lorenti. 2004.

Technical Advice to incorporate environmentally sound strategies in a urban design national competition. The proposal includes a green belt to limit growth and protect urban areas from west wind, a cycling network, wind mills and vegetated wind barriers.

Puerto Madryn Detalle Planta Baja

Characterising Environmental Conditions at Distrito U20, Buenos Aires City, Argentina.

As part of the urban study coordinated by Arch. Cristina Pesich for the Environmental Urban Plan of Buenos Aires, 2005.

This complex area suffered an important transformation in land use and population leading to new and conflictive environmental problems: Garbage disposal from restaurants, empty unattended plots, green areas availability, noise pollution due to garbage transfer plant and discos, air pollution due to heavy transport, flooding conditions and electromagnetic radiation due to the electricity transformation plant.

Environmental Studies for the South Area Development Programme.

With Arch. Patricia Mayo, 2001.
For the Urban Planning Secretary, Buenos Aires City Government, Argentina.

Three different small scale projects are analyzed aiming to enhance outdoor uses and comfort quality. The proposal includes new urban furniture and fixtures, new side walks, etc. The sectors analyzed are in La Boca and Barracas neighbourghoods.

ambiental-pescado autoservicio gari-restaurado

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Management of Public Buildings and Environmental Events

Environmental Plan for Recoleta Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Client: Recoleta Cultural Centre, Ministry of Culture, Buenos Aires City Govenment, 2006-2007.

Comprehensive plan introducing a variety of improvements looking to promote good environmental practices in a public building. Programs to introduce garbage separation, promote the use of non motorized transportation, efficient comsuption of electricity and environmental education have been developed.

Learn more…(link to web Centro Cultural Recoleta 2009, in spanish)

CCR - Separación de residuosNuevos estacionamientos para bicicletas

Eco-Picnic at the Art Museum in Tigre (MAT), Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

Client: Tigre Art Museum (MAT), Secretary of Tourism, Municipality of Tigre, Buenos Aires Province, 2009.
A day with outdoor cultural activities in the Museum gardens. Design of wooden stands, and technical advice on sustainability and environmental management and activities.
Learn more….(link to blog in spanish)

The standsCocinando con el Sol - Museo de Tigre

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